Our facilities

Wire electro-discharge machines

3 wire EDM machines
Wire diameters from 0.1 to 0.3 mm
Bespoke jigs and fixturing
600 mm thick (max)
1100 mm x 850 mm
1,000 kg

Coordinate measurement machines

2 coordinate measurement machines
Touch probes (various sizes)
Laser triangulation
Laser confocal
Leica 3D microscope

X-Ray Facility

Residual stress mapping (Pulstec & Stresstech)
Peak widths, texture and sin2 ψ (Bruker)

High Temperature Testing facility

16 constant load creep frames
Temperatures up to 1000°C
Air, inert gas or vacuum
Instron 100 kN slow strain rate
Zwick 250 kN multi-purpose (& vacuum)

Microscopy suite