About us

StressMap is the measurement services business unit of The Open University (OU). Backed by academic research excellence, we deliver innovation-driven stress/strain measurement services to clients worldwide. The rising demand for our research group’s expertise in the Contour Method of residual stress measurement motivated us to found StressMap in 2013. Since then, we have had clients from a range of industries. For example, we have helped aerospace, power (nuclear and non-nuclear), automotive, and transport industries. With our results, they now better understand and enhance their industrial design, manufacture, lifetime and safety of structures.

StressMap is based at the OU and we constantly draw upon the capability and expertise of the Materials Engineering Group. Our group has a global reputation for the quality of its work, particularly in the field of residual stress measurement. The Open University had a leading role in the development of the neutron scattering instrument at ENGIN-X and SScanSS, which enabled the efficient measurement of large engineering structures. This work was followed by pioneering work on developing further the Contour Method, which has proven a powerful and inexpensive method for mapping two-dimensional distributions of residual stress in engineering components. StressMap has access to state-of-the art facilities and all the resources it needs to provide a full service from the start. The services we offer are aligned to the research focus of the Materials Engineering Group at the OU, ensuring that our activities are mutually beneficial.

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Our vision is to be a world-renowned centre in the field of residual stress analysis
Consistently meeting or exceeding our client’s expectations on quality of work.
Timely delivery of projects to meet our client’s requirements.
Continual improvement of our process and systems towards perfection (working towards ISO 9001:2008 certification).
Grow to be able to serve current and future needs of all the potential industrial clients requiring residual stress engineering services.